Toni Ann Muscats Geschichte: „Ich hoffe auf weitere Veränderungen in naher Zukunft“

Toni Ann Muscat

I am the founder and former President of Justice to Ensure Safer Streets (J.E.S.S) (2015–end of 2017) (now known as Doctors for Road Safety (D4RS) but still kept in honour of Jessica Tabone).

On April 19th 2015, Jessica Tabone, my best friend’s daughter, lost her life in a head-on collision at the age of 22. Jess was not just a friend; she was part of our family for 15 years. She was like a sister to my 2 daughters and another child to me. She spent a lot of her free time in my household and I was affectionately known by Jessica and her family as “mummy number two”.

Her road accident was due to a head-on crash between 2 cars in the early hours. The young man who was driving the other vehicle was suspected of speeding, recklessness and being under the influence.

Jessica, on the other hand, was an innocent passenger of the car that was hit.

I feel that many things could have prevented this road traffic fatality. For example, more police presence on the roads, especially in the area of the night clubs, and the installations of fixed Speed Camera’s (Gozo does not have any), the possible use of mobile speed cameras and roadside stops with the use of breathalysers. I also hope to see higher fines and jail terms for persons responsible for killing or maiming innocent persons due to reckless driving, and more education in schools with regards to road safety.

I began the process of change after Jessica’s death – I started Justice to Ensure Safer Streets (J.E.S.S) a nongovernmental/voluntary organization in Jessica’s honour. Our main intention was to raise awareness and put pressure on the authorities to help improve safety on our roads.

Since 2015 till the end of 2017, we had made progress. J.E.S.S had collaborated with the Malta Road Safety Council towards helping with the implementation of a new point system and increased fines for mobile phone use while driving. We have helped place speed limit signage all over Gozo’s main roads. We have also donated 2 pre-approved breathalysers to the Gozo Police Department. The help of the Tara Malou Licari Fund and their donations in the beginning stages of JESS, made the purchase of these breathalysers possible, along with personal donations and donations from the public. I would also like to thank the Tara Malou Licari Fund for putting me in touch with the now D4RS. I wish them all the best and have full confidence that they will also make a difference, along with the Tara Fund, towards road safety awareness.

I have put a lot of time and energy into creating safer roads in Malta. I hope to see more change soon
– In memory of Jessica Tabone (Mousey).