International migration has rapidly increased in recent years, bringing with it increasing challenges in public health, and generating a greater demand for complex, structured efforts from all stakeholders involved. Migration also has a number of positive societal effects, including economic, employment and development benefits.

To address the challenges, leveraging the opportunities and maximize the benefits associated with migration, and to promote an adequate and proactive public health response, it is necessary to develop tools and enhance expertise in this area according to best available evidence.

To this end, the Knowledge Hub offers a platform for governments, programme implementers, academicians and researchers, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and civil society to build upon available evidence, and creates a platform for dialogue and critical thinking on this complex and interdisciplinary field. The platform works across five priority areas including strengthening the evidence available on migration and health, webinar series, summer school, policy dialogues and high-level summits.

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History and background

The Knowledge Hub on Health and Migration was officially formed in November 2016 by the WHO Regional Office for Europe with the support of the Ministry of Health of Italy and Regional Health Council of Sicily. In addition, the European Commission supports the Knowledge Hub through the Migration Health Knowledge Management (MiHKMa) project, which focuses on technical guidance materials, the knowledge library and webinars.