Public health aspects of migrant health: a review of the evidence on health status for undocumented migrants in the European Region (2015)

By: Elisabetta De Vito, Chiara de Waure, Maria Lucia Specchia, Walter Ricciardi
Health Evidence Network synthesis report 42
2015, x + 36 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5111 8
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Undocumented migrants are people within a country without the necessary documents and permits. They are considered at higher risk for health problems because of their irregular status and the consequences of economic and social marginalization.

A systematic review found 122 documents that suggested policies and interventions to improve health care access and delivery for undocumented migrants. Undocumented migrants mostly have only access to emergency care across Europe, and even in the countries where they are fully entitled to health care, formal and informal barriers hinder their access. This raises concerns for both public health and migrant care. On the basis of findings, policy options are suggested regarding data collection, research, entitlement to health care, information and communication, training and intersectoral approaches.

Annex 2. Studies included in the report

Figs. 2-6. Flowcharts for selection of studies