Experten-Treffen zu den IGV Kernkapazitäten an Häfen (nur EN)


Points of Entry (PoE) play an important role in controlling the international spread of diseases. In order to detect, assess, notify, report, and respond to events of potential international public health concern, States Parties are required to develop and maintain core capacities at the PoE for surveillance and response at the local/community, intermediate and national public health levels (IHR Annex 1A).

The implementation of the IHR at the PoE poses a challenge to States Parties worldwide. WHO/Europe, in compliance with its obligations seeks to assist States Parties in the European Region in their efforts to implement the IHR.

Under the chair of WHO Regional Office for Europe port experts from different parts of the Region, including EU countries, EU candidate countries and non EU countries met in Copenhagen in December 2011.

Scope and Purpose

The general objective of this consultation was to gather experts on IHR core capacity developments at ports to:

  • identify and strengthen European expertise in that area;
  • discuss practical issues and problems around ship sanitation and IHR core capacities;
  • identify gaps and areas of controversy in building IHR core capacities to guide WHO Europe, State Parties and research institutes in their future efforts;
  • translate the IHR core capacities at ports into an European context and facilitate a coherent capacity building process;
  • establish a European expert platform which can prospectively help to support the capacity building process in the WHO European region.


The Expert Consultation concluded with several areas for follow up and further work:

  • strengthen the role of the National IHR Focal Point regarding PoE;
  • draft competency guideline to issue Ship Sanitation Certificates (SSC);
  • closer collaboration with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);
  • make designation of PoE standardized and transparent;
  • identify possibilities of sanctions or penalties;
  • WHO certification procedure for ports after June 2012, e.g. for SSC issuance practice.