WHO meeting on composition of influenza vaccines for 2019 southern hemisphere influenza season

24–26 September 2018, Atlanta, United States of America

A WHO advisory group of experts will hold its consultation meeting in Atlanta, United States of America, on 24–26 September 2018 to prepare its recommendations on the composition of the influenza vaccines for use in the 2019 southern hemisphere influenza season.

The consultation meeting will be followed on the morning of 27 September by an information meeting for representatives and individuals from vaccine regulatory agencies, influenza vaccine manufacturers, members of the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) and other interested institutions.

Further information on the consultation and registration is available on the WHO website.


Twice annually, WHO organizes consultations with an advisory group of experts to analyse influenza virus surveillance data generated by the GISRS, and to issue recommendations on the composition of the influenza vaccines for the following influenza season. National vaccine regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies use these recommendations to develop, produce and license influenza vaccines.