Dr Anne Marie Worning


The Director General of WHO in his Note Verbale dated 15 March 2019 was honoured to announce 6 candidates for the post of Regional Director of the European Region.

One of the 6 candidates, a WHO EURO staff member Dr Nedret Emiroglu has therefore taken administrative leave until the election taking place at the 69th Regional Committee scheduled in Copenhagen in September 2019.

The functional domain of Dr Nedret Emiroglu will be temporarily covered as follows:

  • Dr Anne Marie Worning, Acting Director, Programme Management
  • Dr Masoud Dara, Acting Director, Communicable Diseases
  • Dr Dorit Nitzan, Acting Regional Emergency Director

Dr Anne Marie Worning from Denmark received her medical degree from Copenhagen University in 1979. She worked for 6 years in clinical settings at Copenhagen University Hospital before joining a pharmaceutical company as coordinator of clinical trials.

In 1987, Dr Worning joined WHO’s global programme of quality of care and appropriate technologies housed at WHO/Europe. Following this, she held various planning positions at WHO/Europe, including Director of Administration.

Dr Worning later moved to the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region where she was responsible for planning and overall coordination of country operations. From 2007 onward she was employed at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. There she first held the position of Director of Planning, Resource Coordination and Performance Monitoring, and undertook extensive simplifications to WHO’s budget structure. Later she was promoted to the position of Executive Director of the Director General’s Office (Chef de Cabinet) under Dr Chan, a position she held until her retirement.

In her home country, Dr Worning is most well known for her work in quality assurance and was a founding member of the Danish Society for Quality Assurance in Health Care. She has a very keen interest in maternal and child care, which was nurtured by working in Burundi as a medical student and later through involvement with international nongovernmental organizations in this public health domain.