Dr Lucianne Licari


Director, Country Support and Communications


The Country Support and Communications unit provides advice to the Regional Director and WHO/Europe staff on country relations and cooperation with Member States, ensures close and regular coordination between the WHO country offices and the WHO/Europe technical programmes, and ensures the implementation of WHO/Europe’s communications strategy.


The Country Support and Communications unit:

  • provides guidance to operations in countries, facilitates support and coordinates country activities undertaken by technical programmes;
  • ensures the development of country work plans – biennial collaborative agreements and country cooperation strategies – in coordination with WHO representatives and heads of country offices;
  • works to enhance WHO/Europe’s visibility and reputation;
  • facilitates and supports the Regional Director’s communications activities; and
  • ensures effective internal communications.


Dr Lucianne Licari is a medical doctor and EU Accredited Public Health Specialist with an MSc in environment and health planning and management. From 1991 to 2002, Dr Licari held increasingly senior positions within the Ministry for Health, Malta including in health information, disease surveillance, environment and health as well as in health policy and planning. During this time, Dr Licari was also a senior adviser on environment and health issues to the minister of health but also to ministers of environment, tourism and foreign affairs and the deputy Prime minister. During this time, she held positions on National Boards such as the Clean Air Board, the Board of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, and the Consultant and Advisory Board on Environment formed by the deputy prime minister, as well as on National Committees, such as the Tourism Environment and Health Intersectoral Committee, and the National Advisory Committee on Sustainable Development.

Dr Licari joined WHO Regional Office for Europe in January 2003 as Regional Adviser for environment and health coordination and partnership but in mid 2009, moved to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Stockholm where she joined the ECDC Director’s Cabinet as senior expert in country relations and coordination, before returning to WHO/Europe to take up her current position in late 2010.