Working documents

The following documents contain content changes as summarized below:

EUR/RC68/2 Rev.1 : changes to titles of TDs, MLs and EUR/RC68/18
EUR/RC68/3 Rev.2 : changes to the schedule on Monday, 17 September 2018 and Tuesday, 18 September 2018 and titles of TDs and MLs and EUR/RC68/18
EUR/RC68/5 Rev.1: change in para 114
EUR/RC68/10 Rev.1: change in para 6 (i)
EUR/RC68/Inf.Doc./4 Rev 1: change in para 39

Please note that the changes to the documents listed below are administrative in nature and relate only to the numbering of documents and/or the references in documents and do not affect the actual content:

EUR/RC68/1 Rev.3
EUR/RC68/2 Rev.1 Add.1 Rev.1
EUR/RC68/4 Rev.4