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Arrival in Denmark

Copenhagen offers a good public transportation network; if arriving by air, the city centre can be reached from the airport either by Metro, train or bus (Metro and railway stations are located in Terminal 3 of Copenhagen Airport). Tickets for the Metro and train are available from the DSB ticket office and self-service ticket machines in the station area. The Metro operates around-the-clock, seven days a week.

For more information, participants are advised to check the Visit Copenhagen website.

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Climate and clothing

The temperature in Copenhagen in September is likely to be between 10 °C and 16 °C.

Dress is informal for all occasions.

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Credentials shall be issued by the Head of State, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Health or any other appropriate authority, such as permanent missions or senior government officials.

Although a copy of the credentials will have been submitted through the online registration system, Member States are required to deliver the original credentials to the Secretariat (Regional Governance Unit) before the opening of the session. Only original documents are considered formal credentials by the Committee on Credentials.

In accordance with Rule 1 of the Rules of Procedure of the Regional Committee for Europe, not more than two representatives may be nominated by each Member State; however, alternates and advisers may accompany representatives.

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The monetary unit used in Denmark is the Danish krone (DKK).

Foreign currency can be changed in banks and exchange offices, which are widely available in the city centre. A cash dispenser is available in UN City (for Danish kroner, US dollars and euros).

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Date and location

The 69th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe (RC69) will open on Monday, 16 September 2019, at 09:00 and will close on Thursday, 19 September 2019. The session will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, at UN City, which is the location of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

UN City
Marmorvej 51
2100 Copenhagen Ø

RC69 will be held in a smoke-free environment.

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Electricity supply

The main electricity voltage is 220 V and 50 Hz. The central European-type wall socket (two-pin plug) is standard in Denmark.

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Hotel accommodation

Due to other major international conferences taking place in Copenhagen at the time of the Regional Committee, there may be great demand for hotel rooms in the inner city. The Secretariat has therefore pre-booked a number of rooms at hotels with a central location in Copenhagen for RC69 participants. The hotels are listed in Annex 1.

The pre-bookings made by the Secretariat can only be held until 31 July 2019, after which date they will be released in order to avoid penalty charges to the Organization.

All participants wishing to avail themselves of the pre-booked rooms are therefore asked to send their request for accommodation to the Secretariat by 31 July 2019. If the names of all representatives and participants are not known by the booking deadline, an advance indication of the number of rooms, preferred hotel, and approximate arrival/departure dates will be accepted until personal details can be provided. Such a request should be made directly to the Secretariat by email to Gitte Andersen Havn at

Any changes to the number of pre-booked rooms and dates of occupancy after 15 August may be subject to no-show fees charged by the hotel. Requested changes to dates and numbers of rooms, along with confirmation of the names of occupants, must be provided to Gitte Andersen Havn at

All rates quoted are in Danish kroner and are inclusive of value added tax and service charges.

Major credit cards are accepted by all hotels.

Please note that the Regional Office cannot guarantee accommodation or rates for requests received after 31 July 2019.

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The Secretariat cannot accept liability for personal accidents or loss of or damage to the private property of participants or accompanying persons during or indirectly arising from attendance at RC69. Participants should make their own arrangements with respect to health and travel insurance.

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Internet access and printing facilities will be available to participants during the session.

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Interpretation and statements

Interpretation is provided in the official languages (English, French, German and Russian) to help delegates to follow the discussions. Delegates are requested to send a copy of statements they plan to make to or to give a paper copy to a conference assistant in the room at least 30 minutes in advance. This does not prevent delegates from making changes on delivery but will facilitate clarity and accuracy of interpretation in all languages.

When submitting by email, please specify the name of the country/group and the relevant agenda item number. Statements provided in advance are treated as confidential and checked against delivery for the purpose of compiling the official report.

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Local transportation

Shuttle buses will be arranged each day to transfer participants between their hotels and UN City. Transportation in connection with social events will also be provided. Participants should check the timetables and notices that will be displayed in the lobby of their hotels and at UN City.

Transportation will only be provided to and from the hotels listed in this Guide.

Delegates not staying at the hotels recommended in this Guide must organize their own transportation to and from UN City. Consult the Journey Planner website to use public transportation for your journey.

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A lunch buffet will be served at UN City every day from Monday, 16 September, to Thursday, 19 September, courtesy of the Regional Office.

There will also be two refreshment breaks (morning and afternoon) each day.

Special dietary requirements should be communicated on the online registration form.

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Medical services

A medical team will be available during the day throughout the session. Enquire at the information desk for assistance.

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Name badges

Registration will take place at UN City. It will open on Sunday, 15 September 2019, from 15:00 to 19:00 and will continue on Monday, 16 September, from 07:30. Name badges will be issued at registration.

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Online and social media

RC69 will be webcast live on the  RC69 website. Photographs and videoclips will be taken during the session, and images and footage of participants and proceedings may be posted on the Internet. Participants may opt out of photos and videos while registering online.

Participants are encouraged to engage in online Twitter chats about the session, using the Twitter hashtag #RC69CPH. We also invite you to follow the Regional Office’s official social media accounts for coverage of the Regional Committee throughout the week on our Twitter account or Facebook page .

Twitter: @WHO_Europe
@WHO_Europe_RU (Russian)
@WHO_Europe_DE (German)


Instagram: @whoeurope

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Personal security

As in all large cities, delegates are advised to take precautions when moving around Copenhagen.

  • Stay alert: watch your luggage and briefcase or handbag; avoid displaying attractive and valuable items.
  • Always ask for proper identification before surrendering your passport.
  • Be particularly vigilant at the airport, train station and when checking into your hotel.

The police, ambulance and fire emergency number is 112.

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Provisional list of participants

A provisional list of participants (document EUR/RC69/DIV/2) will be distributed at the opening of the session. This list will be compiled on the basis of the credentials received by the Secretariat by 16:00 on Monday, 2 September 2019. Participants are requested to check the information contained in the provisional list of participants and to report any changes or corrections to the Secretariat for inclusion in the final list.

Paper copies will be made available to each delegation at the beginning of the RC69 (further paper copies will not be distributed).

Provisional  list of participants

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RC69 app

An RC69 mobile app containing all session documents, programme details and practical information will be made available to participants by 31 August 2019. The app can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android devices. More information about the app, including instructions on how to use it, will be provided before the opening of the session.

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Registration process

Online registration is required for all sessions of the Regional Committee. A link to the electronic registration system was included in the letter of invitation circulated to Member States in June. The online registration system allows one focal point to be designated per delegation. The same procedure applies to all categories of invited participants.

Once the focal point has been entered into the registration system, he or she will receive an email with a unique user name and password and the link to the registration system. The focal point will then register and submit the names of the delegates and attach a copy of the credentials for all members of the delegation.

The Regional Governance Unit at the WHO Regional Office for Europe will verify the information received from the focal point, which will then be processed to generate meeting badges and the provisional list of participants.

During the online registration process, one further step is required: to fill in the fields on travel details, hotel booking, dietary requirements, accompanying persons and side event participants. In previous years, such information was registered through forms annexed to the Guide for participants.

Online registration for RC69 should be completed no later than Monday, 2 September 2019.

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Member States will be seated by country name in English alphabetical order.

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Security at UN City

Admittance to UN City is through a security check-point. All hand luggage will be scanned upon entry. Participants are advised to arrive 45 minutes before the beginning of the session on the first day to allow time for the security check at the point of entry. Transport from the hotels listed in Annex 1 will take this into account.

After the initial security check, participants will receive a name badge and an access card that they must wear at all times to access the venue and meeting room.

In view of the security measures applied at UN City, all delegates are kindly encouraged to pick up their name badge and access card on Sunday, 15 September, if possible.

Delegates are kindly requested to return their access card to the Secretariat before leaving UN City on the last day of their stay.

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Social events

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Welcome reception hosted by the WHO Regional Office for Europe

Monday, 16 September 2019

Reception hosted by the Minister of Health for Denmark

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Reception hosted by the WHO Regional Director for Europe

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Submissions by delegations

According to the Rules of Procedure, delegations wishing to have draft resolutions distributed to the Regional Committee should submit them to the Secretariat at least two days before the proposal is to be discussed, to allow time for translation into the working languages, reproduction and circulation to delegations. The Secretariat is available, upon request, to provide logistic, editorial or information assistance as required.

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Travel arrangements

Delegates should make their own travel arrangements for both their outward and return journeys. However, in case changes to travel arrangements are required during the session, assistance will be provided.

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Visas to enter Denmark are required for nationals of the following countries: Albania*, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Georgia, Kazakhstan*, Kyrgyzstan, Montenegro*, North Macedonia*, Republic of Moldova*, Russian Federation*, Serbia*, Tajikistan, Turkey*, Turkmenistan, Ukraine* and Uzbekistan.

(* Possible exemptions depend on the type of passport held; please check at the New to Denmark website.

Participants are advised to check visa requirements when making their travel arrangements and should be aware that the processing of visas can take up to 60 days. Please apply for your visa in a timely manner.

The official WHO invitation letter should accompany an application for a visa to any Danish embassy or consulate general where they are processed or to embassies that represent Denmark in visa matters. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will invite its diplomatic missions to facilitate the issuance of entry visas to Denmark upon presentation of the letter of invitation from WHO. Should you require a personal letter issued by the Regional Office to support your visa application, please send a request to

More information about visas for Denmark can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

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Working languages and documentation

The working languages of Regional Committee sessions are English, French, German and Russian. Statements made in any of these languages will be simultaneously interpreted into the other three languages.

The official documentation of RC69 will be available in English, French, German and Russian on the home page of the Regional Committee from early August. Documents will not be dispatched by post.

Please note that participants are requested to bring all documents to the session, as hard copies will be available only by request in order to make the session a “green” event (please refer to Annex 2 for details).

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