Standing Committee: “Good progress in preparations for RC62”

The Nineteenth Standing Committee of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe (SCRC) held its fourth session at WHO headquarters in Geneva on 19 and 20 May 2012. This was the second “open” session of the SCRC, in which it opened its doors to observers. As well as SCRC members and their alternates, representatives of 15 Member States and the European Union took the opportunity to follow the discussions, in which they were also given the possibility to actively participate.

The SCRC carefully considered the draft working documents and draft resolutions prepared for the sixty-second session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe (RC62), and made recommendations for their further development. The SCRC also gave guidance to the Secretariat regarding the agenda and the provisional programme for RC62. On the first day of the session, the Secretariat organized a lunchtime technical briefing on progress on the monitoring framework and targets for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases. At the end of the session, participants observed that good progress had been made in the preparations for RC62.