Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Regional Committee (SCRC), a subcommittee of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe, comprises representatives of 12 countries, with each member elected by the Regional Committee to serve for 3 years.

Meeting several times a year, the SCRC:

  • acts for and represents the Regional Committee and ensures that effect is given to the Committee’s decisions and policies;
  • advises the Regional Committee on questions referred to it by that body;
  • counsels the WHO Regional Director for Europe as and when appropriate between Regional Committee sessions; and
  • reports to the Regional Committee on its work.

From March 2011 the  opening speeches made by the Regional Director at SCRC sessions are broadcast on this web site.

Member States are welcome to send questions to the Regional Director ( that they would like her to address in her opening speech and topics for future sessions of the SCRC.