Request for proposals: development of online course on vaccination for health professionals

WHO/Europe is seeking partners for collaborative development of an online course on vaccination for frontline health professionals in the WHO European Region.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 27 May 2015, by email to:


Health professionals play a vital role in efforts to achieve immunization goals in the WHO European Region, including the elimination of measles and rubella. Low health care professional awareness and commitment to vaccination in many Member States leads to poor or declining uptake of vaccines (public) as well as low vaccination rates of health care workers themselves for indicated vaccines.

There is therefore a need to provide health professionals (pediatricians, general practice, family practice, nurses/mid-wives) the opportunity to acquire additional and customized vaccine training, and to obtain continuing professional development [CPD] credits for this training. For countries with professional boards not utilizing CPD or other accreditation process, a certificate programme should be utilized. Pediatricians are an especially important target group as they are the main deliverers of children's vaccines in many countries in the Region.

We anticipate this training will improve understanding of the benefits of vaccines and their importance, improving skills in communicating with patients, and ultimately increasing coverage. The training would include all routinely recommended vaccines but with initial focus on measles and rubella. The main objective of the online vaccination course is to enable frontline health professionals to acquire the necessary understanding of vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization, in order to strongly recommend vaccination for their patient groups, and understand the public health implications of disease control and elimination targets in the Region. The online modules should be developed to the caliber that will allow accreditation, but the process of obtaining accreditation will not be the responsibility of the contractor.

Project description

  • The course should be innovative and employ carefully selected delivery methods tailored to the end user. 
  • The modules themselves should be highly interactive utilizing interactive case studies/role playing, videos, podcasts, etc. 
  • The course should be completed and able to be launched within 12 months of start of contract. 
  • The vendor can utilize networks of health professionals to develop initial module drafts, as necessary depending on project plan.

WHO shall cover costs of a course coordinator, to provide coordination support to WHO and the vendor, in development of the online course and to serve as liaison with WHO/Europe and professional societies, as indicated. A high level of expert support will be available from WHO staff.

The vendor will be expected to:

  • create a project plan and development schedule; 
  • host author briefing session for module authors, as needed;
  • prepare guidance on recording videos for guest contributors, as needed;
  • liaise with the course coordinator throughout the planning and development process;
  • coordinate sign-off at key milestones during the course development process;
  • ensure web development of up to six modules of content in appropriate format (e.g., HTML, PDF, etc);
  • embed video material (selected in consultation with WHO) and prepare video files for online delivery; 
  • set up of up to six pre- and post-module tests and a final quiz to include up to 20 questions;
  • set up an online course evaluation form to collect participant feedback;
  • deliver and manage the online course;
  • provide IT support for participants and others, as needed;
  • supply an evaluation report providing a summary of feedback gathered from the course evaluation form and other files, as indicated.

The vendor will be supplied with any relevant background documents and learning outline, as necessary. The vendor will be expected to use these resources to produce all subsequent deliverables required to complete the online modules.

The course will be developed as a master copy in English, but with consideration of future translation of the course content. 


The vendor shall be a for-profit or not-for-profit institution operating in the field of eLearning development and research with proven expertise in developing high-quality online courses. WHO does not make any restrictions on the authoring tool used to create these modules. While there is no strict staffing requirement, the vendor should have adequate staff to meet deadlines.


  • Previous work designing online courses for the higher education sector is an asset, including for professionals at the university, medical, or technical level. 
  • Previous work with WHO, other international organizations and/or major institutions in the field of instructional design and eLearning development are an asset.
  • Proven experience in deploying online educational courses for health professionals is an asset.
  • Previous documentation that online courses developed by the bidder have been accepted by Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS) for CPD credit is an asset.

To receive the full Request for Proposal and instructions for submitting a proposal, please contact:
Dr Abigail Shefer, Technical Officer, Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization Programme (VPI)