RHN members show their commitment to improve health and well-being through policies, strategies and plans that tackle health inequity through intersectoral actions on the social determinants of health. They also aim to improve governance for health through adoption of whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches and to promote health in all policies. Specifically, RHN members commit to: 

  • align regional health policies, strategies and plans to the principles and approaches suggested by Health 2020;
  • strengthen technical capacity on core Health 2020 aspects, and
  • create a platform for sharing experiences and mutual learning about Health 2020 implementation.

RHN takes into account the diversified structure of regions in Europe and the various stages of policy cycles the different regions can be at any given point in time. Thus, alignment to Health 2020 can go from a fully-fledged, brand new, regional policy completely inspired and aligned to Health 2020 to minor revisions and adjustments for those regions whose plans are already guided by principles and approaches suggested in Health 2020.