The Autonomous Province of Trento develops a regional health plan focusing on health promotion and a participatory approach

The Italian Autonomous Province of Trento is developing its health plan, in line with the WHO Health 2020 policy framework at regional level by:

  • drawing greater attention to the social determinants of health, population health conditions and risk factors; and
  • implementing whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches through the involvement of several sectors and the local community.

Establishing a whole-of-government and whole-of-society process

Frist, the structure of the regional health report was radically changed. The former Health Services Status Report was replaced by the Population Health Profile, which draws attention to the determinants of health, the importance of health promotion and a whole-of-government approach in regional health planning. Data were broken down by health district, where possible, to facilitate its use at the local level. The Profile was carefully worded to facilitate comprehension by the broadest audience possible. It was mailed to stakeholders in and outside the health sector, posted on the internet and presented in scientific meetings, public conferences and to the press.

Second, with the support of the WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development in Venice, Italy, a training course on public health planning was organized. This course included several workshops targeting key decision-makers operating at both regional and health district levels. The Population Health Profile and the future integration of the health- and social-related policies and interventions were discussed as a first step in the direction of a whole-of-government approach in reducing social inequalities in health. A preliminary district health plan was drafted, and a detailed workplan on how to collect community input was set up.

Third, a working group for the development of the regional health plan, including participation of both the health and social sectors, was established. A first draft of the strategic heath plan 2015–2025 was written. The plan's main objectives resemble those of Health 2020: improving health for all and reducing health inequities, and improving governance for health.

Four, a health-in-all-policies (HiAP) commission, including all sectors of the regional government (environment, economy, instruction, transport, etc.), was established. The commission is working on the inventory of health-related policies and programmes to be integrated into the regional health plan by the end of 2014. A web-based platform is under development to get feedback from the community during this process.