Background document of RAHEE project (2013)



The Research Agenda for Health Economic Evaluation (RAHEE) project is an effort to establish a research agenda for the European Commission on the topic of health economic evaluation by providing an outline of existing evidence for 10 high burden conditions in the EU. In addition, the project will provide insight into the institutional factors and best practices associated with the use of economic evidence in the field of preventive and public health. These  objectives will be achieved by summarizing evidence from existing reviews of health economic evaluations, as well as reports and other outputs from recent research projects, in order to utilize existing evidence as widely as possible. Case studies of selected countries will allow identification of evidence gaps associated with the use of health economic studies in practice.

This document provides information about the demographic and macroeconomic context contributing to the current fiscal strains, followed by an outline of how economic evaluation is currently applied to address some of these trends, and how the present project adds to this scenario. It includes information about the project's methodology and data sources.