EUPHA and WHO/Europe meet to strengthen public health

02 September 2010

On 27 August 2010, Ms Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe, met with Professor Walter Ricciardi, President-elect of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA).

WHO/Europe has begun developing a new European health strategy and aims to involve relevant sectors and numerous partners in the process. Based on a history of good collaboration and previous achievements, Ms Jakab therefore emphasized the crucial role of public health associations, and the many potential synergies with WHO.

In particular, WHO/Europe and EUPHA are working to increase policy coherence and a common understanding of public health in the WHO European Region, as well as to find ways to overcome sectoral boundaries. Another key area of collaboration is to generate timely and relevant intelligence and to offer practical mechanisms and recommendations to policy-makers. To achieve this, Ms Jakab and Professor Ricciardi agreed on the importance of fostering a participatory approach involving all relevant stakeholders, and setting up mechanisms for follow-up.

Ms Jakab invited Professor Ricciardi to the sixtieth session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe, to be held later this month. She also agreed to give a keynote presentation at the 3rd European Public Health Conference, on 10–13 November 2010, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In addition, WHO/Europe is committed to supporting the 4th European Public Health Conference, to be organized by EUPHA and to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2011.