CIHR Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis

Health system performance assessment and comparison: analysis for policy

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies in collaboration with the CIHR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research will support a project under CIHR's Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis programme.

This policy analysis opportunity will support a partnership between a Canadian research team (comprising a Principal Investigator and Principal Knowledge User) and the Observatory to carry out analysis as part of the Observatory’s programme on performance.

The Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis grant will support research that can draw upon the Observatory’s established methodologies and will cover time spent in Europe to meet the deliverables of the grant (i.e., the generation of a policy brief; a policy dialogue / roundtable and policy options for Canada). This will enable the research team to draw on an existing international body of work to illuminate choices for Canadian policy and decision makers and to foster further development of comparative health policy analysis research.

Specific areas

The initiative links to the priorities of CIHR’s Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal (EIHR) initiative and the Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis relevant research areas of:

  • Governance and accountability
  • Health system sustainability


The Observatory leads a performance programme which aims to help governments, regulators, citizens and commentators better understand the comparative performance of their health systems, improve measurement and analysis, and help in the design and evaluation of initiatives to strengthen health systems.

This Policy Analysis grant will support work that fits within the overarching programme and which focuses on a single performance domain reflecting the expertise and policy priorities of the research team and its other governance and accountability and/or health system sustainability undertakings.  The Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis team will choose to work on one performance domain from the following:

  • Efficiency
  • Health system responsiveness
  • Financial protection
  • Equity of health and access to health services

Efficiency is the theme most favoured by the Observatory Partners but the other domains are also pertinent and valued.


The project and grant will last 12 months. The intention is to integrate the work of the Canadian policy analysis grant holder with that of the Observatory and it is expected an investigator will spend some time with the Observatory in London. The project will also draw on core Observatory staff time and other resources and may be supported by a CIHR Science Policy Fellowship on the same theme.

Key Dates and Contact Information

A letter of support is required from the Observatory, and must be included as part of the full application to CIHR. Interested teams must contact Laurel Taylor for specific requirements for obtaining a letter of support.  

  • 22 August 2012  - deadline for interested teams to contact the Observatory for a letter of support
  • 19 September 2012 - full application due to CIHR

Laurel Taylor, PhD
Assistant Director
Institute of Health Services and Policy Research
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Tel: 514.398.6038

Suszy Lessof
Director of Management
European Observatory on Health Systems & Policies
WHO European Centre for Health Policy
Rue de l’Autonomie 4, 1070 Brussels
Tel: +32-(0) 2525 0930