Just Published: Slovakia Health System Review

Just Published:
Slovakia: Health System Review
Health Systems in Transition series
200 pages
Volume 13 No 2

The Slovak health system is a system in progress. Major health reform in the period 20022006 introduced a new approach based on managed competition. Although large improvements have been made since the 1990s (for example in life expectancy and infant mortality), health outcomes are generally still substantially worse than the average for the EU15 but close to the other Visegrád Four countries.

The challenges posed by an ageing workforce and professional migration may lead to a shortage of health care workers. Slovakia has a progressive system of financing health care. However, the health reforms of 20022006 led to an increase in the number of households that contributed more from their income and the distributive impacts were not equitable. This was mainly caused by the introduction of a reference pricing scheme for pharmaceuticals. Some key challenges remain: improving the health status of the population and the quality of care while securing the future financial sustainability of the system.

HiTs are country-based reports that provide a detailed description of each health care system and of reform and policy initiatives in progress or under development.

Tomáš Szalay, Peter Pažitný, Angelika Szalayová, Simona Frisová, Karol Morvay, Marek Petrovič and Ewout van Ginneken.