The Austrian health system: high satisfaction, high cost

The new HiT health system review on Austria that has just been published reports that Austrians are much more satisfied with their health system than most of their fellow Europeans. This could be explained by the high level of coverage and provider choice that Austrian patients generally enjoy and by the decentralized planning and governance of the system that allows to cater for local needs and preferences. However these same factors are also likely to generate fragmentation and lack of coordination, which makes the Austrian health system more costly than average and could hamper its performance. This is why since 2005, with the creation of the Federal Health Agency and regional health platforms, reform is aimed at intensifying cross-stakeholder coordination at all levels and promoting outpatient care.

This new report was formally launched at the last European Health Forum Gastein (2-4 October 2013). It also marks the government of Austria's entry as partner into the Observatory.