Calls for research and collaboration

The Observatory’s research and knowledge brokering depends on a small staff team and an exceptional network of academics (individuals and research teams), experts and practitioners. The Observatory follows WHO rules in awarding contracts and strives to be transparent and to widen the pool of experts it collaborates with. It has therefore developed a web page to capture information on forthcoming contracts and when appropriate posts formal calls on the Ted (tenders electronic daily) supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union.

Two new calls have now been posted. The first is for research leadership and hub hosting arrangements and seeks an institution to provide senior expert inputs and house 2-5 Observatory (WHO) staff, providing office accommodation, access to IT and academic support services in an environment that confers credibility and give scope for cross-fertilization between disciplines (closing date 24 February 2014). The second is for summarizing 6-10 HIT health system reviews, providing abstracts and coordinating with the research and publications teams to enhance coverage, quality and salience (closing date 03 February 2014).