New Eurohealth on Measuring efficiency in health care

Being able to measure efficiency is one of the cornerstones of assessing the performance of health systems, and can help to achieve several objectives.

This issue’s Eurohealth Observer section features two articles that explore central issues related to measuring the performance of health systems

  • Identify the causes of inefficiencies in health systems and
  • The challenges of using cross-national comparisons of efficiency to inform health policy.

The International Section contains a mix of articles covering the following areas:

  • Does big data promise a better quality of life?;
  • The SELFIE Framework for integrated care for multi-morbidity;
  • Focusing on benefits beyond the health sector using the example of health literacy; and
  • new draft EU Directive submits the regulation of health professions to a proportionality test.

Then, the Systems and Policies section looks at new measures to increase the health budget in Romania, followed by Eurohealth Monitor.