New Eurohealth, Special Gastein Issue on Health in All Politics: a better future for Europe

This fifth Special Gastein edition of Eurohealth celebrates 20 years of the European Health Forum Gastein and addresses many topics to be covered in the 2017 Forum on the topic ‘Health in All Politics: a better future for Europe’.

Following a guest editorial, health leaders from the European Commission, WHO/Europe, Austria and other important institutions present their views on a better future for Europe.

A section on Health in All Policies covers: Investing in healthier cities, Inclusive workplaces, and Harnessing the 2030 Agenda. The Health Systems section addresses: The future of health systems in Europe, Accesses to health care for underserved communities, and Co-creating health to meet local needs.

Other articles look at access to medicines and greater efficiency in cancer care, followed by Eurohealth Monitor.