Special issue of the Health Policy journal on intersectoral governance for health

A special issue of the Health Policy journal dedicated to intersectoral governance for health is now available. The issue includes case studies on sectors with considerable relevance for health and health policy: housing, international trade, integrated care and social care, environmental health (pollution), potentially risky new technologies and early childhood policies. The TAPIC-framework (transparency, accountability, participation, integrity, and policy capacity) is used throughout the journal to analyse the strength and weaknesses of intersectoral governance.

The ability to improve health and the performance of health systems depends on making good decisions and implementing them effectively. This can be a difficult task and is even more difficult if several government departments, societal sectors and a diverse multitude of stakeholders are involved. In this context, intersectoral governance is critical as many factors outside of the health system can and do affect health. Intersectoral collaboration is therefore key in achieving health goals.