Special issue of Eurohealth – leapfrogging to address noncommunicable diseases

This special issue of Eurohealth looks at how health systems in Europe can accelerate the pace of reducing premature mortality resulting from NCDs. It has been prepared for a high-level regional meeting organized by WHO/Europe on Health Systems Respond to NCDs, held in Sitges (Spain) on 16-18 April 2018.

The idea of “leapfrogging” invites countries to speed up the adoption of innovative approaches in addressing the burden of NCDs and to avoid and overcome the hurdles and mistakes that were made in the past. This would especially help countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to catch up with other countries in the European Region.

This Eurohealth issue explores the experience and potential of leapfrogging in various areas that play an important role in tackling chronic conditions: public health, primary care, the health workforce and information technology. It also includes the views of decision-makers and stakeholders on how real health system transformation can be implemented.

About the High-level regional meeting - Health Systems Respond to NCDs: Experience in the European Region’

This event will be held in Sitges, Spain, on 16–18 April 2018. It will provide policy-makers with a platform to share country experiences of strengthening health systems for better NCD outcomes, celebrate and understand successes, and inspire action for accelerating health systems transformation to reduce premature NCD mortality.

About Eurohealth

Eurohealth is a quarterly publication that provides a forum for researchers, policy-makers and experts to express their views on health policy issues and so contribute to a constructive debate on health policy in Europe.