New publication examines Greece’s health system reforms

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies has released a new health system review (HiT) that examines the impact of the economic crisis on Greece’s health systems and the multiple reforms that have been implemented in response. The HiT provides a detailed account of the success and shortcomings of the country’s efforts to respond to the challenges it faced.

While in the past, long-needed reforms stagnated, the country’s Economic Adjustment Programme imposed by international lenders has acted as a catalyst to tackle an unprecedentedly large number of changes in the health sector since 2010. These changes aimed to cut spending, reduce inefficiencies and improve monitoring within a very ambitious time frame, but not all have been successful.

Squeezed to the limits, Greece’s health system now needs longer-term strategic measures that can ensure a balance of resources, improve responsiveness, and deliver high-quality services equitably and in appropriate settings.