Health Foundation partners with European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies


European Observatory Steering Committee meeting (7 June 2019, Bern, Switzerland)

The Health Foundation, an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the United Kingdom, is joining the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

This announcement was made against the backdrop of the Observatory’s biannual Steering Committee meeting, this time taking place in Bern, Switzerland. The Steering Committee includes representatives of all the Observatory’s institutional partners and is responsible for determining the partnership’s strategic direction.

Chief Executive of the Health Foundation Dr Jennifer Dixon commented on the new partnership: “Across Europe there is a shared commitment to supporting universal coverage and access to care to provide security for our populations. Sustaining that commitment means we need to understand the similar challenges facing our health systems, and possible solutions. Much greater collaboration and cross-country learning is absolutely critical for effective policy in health care in the United Kingdom in the future. I am delighted that we’re able to contribute to this important European partnership.”

Chair of the Steering Committee Dr Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki of the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health welcomed the Observatory’s new partner. She took the opportunity to praise the Health Foundation for its continued contribution to policy discourse and to the evidence base for effective health- and social-care provision.

Dr Josep Figueras, Director of the Observatory, also extended a warm welcome and commended the Health Foundation on its commitment to research, knowledge-brokering and policy debate on health care and health system improvement.

“The Health Foundation is a highly regarded charitable organization that bridges the gap between policy research and practice,” Dr Figueras noted. “It can bring a new dimension to the table along with our existing partners, which include international institutions, national governments, decentralized health authorities and academic bodies.”

The celebration of this new partnership follows the news in February that the Spanish Government will also join the Observatory. This week’s Steering Committee meeting is the first attended by the Health Foundation and the Spanish Government.