Mental health policy and practice across Europe. The future direction of mental health care (2006)



Edited by Martin Knapp, David McDaid, Elias Mossialos & Graham Thornicroft
Published by Open University Press
European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies series
2006, xxviii + 456 pages
ISBN 0 335 21467 3 (Paperback) £25.99
ISBN 0 335 21468 1 (Hardback) £70.00

Joint winner of the 2007 European Health Management Association Baxter Award

In much of Europe, the challenges raised by poor mental health remain taboo. This book maps the current state of policy, service provision and funding for mental health care across Europe, taking into account the differing historical contexts that have shaped both the development and the delivery of services. A holistic approach assesses the influence on mental health of environmental factors such as housing, poverty, employment, social justice and displacement.

Covering a wide range of policy issues, the book:

  • examines the legal rights of people with mental health problems;
  • addresses the impact of stigma, social exclusion and discrimination;
  • reviews the role of service users and their families in the development of mental health services and policy;
  • evaluates opportunities to rehabilitate people with mental health problems;
  • discusses the financing and organization of mental health systems; and
  • reflects on approaches to reform and on the future development of services.

Mental health policy and practice across Europe is key reading for policy-makers, professionals involved in the delivery of health and social care services, voluntary agencies, nongovernmental organizations, academics and students of health policy.