Migration and health in the European Union (2011)



Edited by Bernd Rechel, Philipa Mladovsky, Walter Devillé, Barbara Rijks, Roumyana Petrova-Benedict and Martin McKee
Published by Open University Press
European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies Series
2011, xx + 257 pages
ISBN 978 033524567 3

The increasing diversity of populations in Europe, including a growing proportion of migrants, creates new challenges for health systems, which have to adapt in order to remain responsive.

This book explores the overall context of migration and health in the European Union, addresses the rights of migrants to health and looks at problems in their access to health services, explores the challenges and opportunities in monitoring migrant health, reviews the health issues faced by migrants in Europe, discusses the policy response so far and the need for culturally responsive health services, provides examples of best practice, and looks at the policy implications of the findings presented.

It will be of value to researchers, policy-makers and practitioners keen to understand what can be done at the European, national and regional levels to improve migrant health in Europe.