Table of contents

Editors, Richard B. Saltman, Josep Figueras and Constantino Sakellarides


Part one:
The context for health reform - Macro-economics constraints and health challenges facing European health systems

Part two:
Demand side strategies - Balancing competition and solidarity in healthcare financing - The appropriate role for patient cost-sharing - Priority setting and rationing health services - Reforming public health services

Part three:
Supply side strategies - Contracting models and provider competition - The allocation of capital and health sector reform - Performance-tied payment systems for physicians - Financing operating costs for hospital services - Changing hospital systems - The usual suspect and the failure of cost containment: Regulating expenditure on medicines in European Union countries

Part four:
On state, citizen and society - The role of the state in healthcare reform - Optimal balance of centralized and decentralized management - Citizen participation and patient choice in health reform - Values, norms and the reform of healthcare systems
Part five: Implementing health reform - Implementing healthcare reform: A framework for discussion - Implementing healthcare reform: A review of current experience

Part six:
Assessing the evidence - Index.

Anders Anell, Howard Barnum, Ferenc Bojan, Michael Calnan, David Chinitz, André-Pierre Contandriopoulos, Nigel Edwards, Josep Figueras, Janoz Halik, Chris Ham, Petr Hava, Martin Hensher, Frank Honigsbaum, David J. Hunter, Panos Kanavos, Simo Kokko, Joseph Kutzin, Marju Lauristin, Ellen Leibovich, Kimmo Leppo, Hans Maarse, Martin McKee, Elias Mossialos, Vicente Ortun, Alex Preker, Tom Rathwell, Lise Rochaix, Jolanta Sabbat, Constantino Sakellarides, Richard B. Saltman, Serdar Savas, Igor Sheiman, Ellie Tragakes, Mikko Vienonen, Gill Walt, Jürgen Wasem, Ursula Werneke, Miriam M. Wiley, W. Cezary Wlodarczyk.