Table of contents

European Health Care Reform, Analysis of Current Strategies

Editors, Richard B. Saltman and Josep Figueras



Defining Reform

The organization of the book

1 The Pressures For Reform
The context for health reform
The reform predicament: health and health sector challenges

2 Integrating Reform Themes
The changing roles of state and market in health careReorganizing the system: decentralization, recentralization and privatization
Empowerment, rights and choiceThe evolving role of public health

3 Confronting Resource Scarcity
Containing costs more effectivelyAn appropriate role for cost sharingPriority setting in health care

4 Funding Systems Equitably
Trends in health care fundingSolidarity and competition

5 Allocating Resources EffectivelyBuying better health: resource allocation, purchasing and contracting
Performance-related payment systems for providers
Cost-effective provision of pharmaceuticalsAllocating capital for investing in health

6 Delivering Services EfficientlyImproving outcomes and quality of careDecentralized provider managementShifting boundaries: hospitals, PHC and community careRestructuring hospitals
A renewed role for PHC
Developing human resources

7 The Process of Implementing ReformA framework for the analysis of implementationLearning from experience
Strategies for implementation

8 The Way Forward
Pursuing supply-side reforms
Reorienting state regulation


Annex - Authors, paper titles and contributions