Policies and incentives for promoting innovation in antibiotic research



High levels of pathogen resistance are, one-by-one, rendering current antibiotics obsolete. Coupled with insufficient investment in discovering new treatments, multidrug resistant infections pose an increasingly urgent public health concern.

To curb the growth of antibiotic resistance and prevent major morbidity and mortality from multidrug-resistant bacterial infections we must address overuse and actively promote research and development for antibiotics with novel mechanisms of action. This must be done through appropriately designed incentives for health and regulatory systems in addition to economic incentives to attract academic interest and industry investment.

This book analyses many of the proposed policies and incentive mechanisms that are on the table and sheds light on the key issues that can help policy-makers reach informed, concrete decisions on how to avert this potential public health crisis.

The authors

Elias Mossialos, Professor of Health Policy, LSE Health

Chantal Morel, Research Fellow, LSE Health

Suzanne Edwards, Research Associate, LSE Health

Julia Berenson, Research Associate, LSE Health

Marin Gemmill-Toyama, Research Fellow, LSE Health

David Brogan, Resident Physician, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, United States