Voluntary Health Insurance in the European Union



This study provides an overview of markets for private or voluntary health insurance in the European Union. It examines the role voluntary health insurance plays in different EU member states and covers issues such as the determinants of demand for voluntary health insurance; the structure, conduct and performace of national markets; access, equity and consumer protection in these markets; the impact of voluntary health insurance on the free movement of people and services across the European Union; and recent trends and challenges for voluntary health insurers and policy makers at national and EU levels.

The authors

Elias Mossialos is Brian Abel-Smith Professor of Health Policy, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science and a Research Director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

Sarah Thomson is Research Officer in Health Policy at LSE and Social Care and a Research Associate of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.


Reinhard Busse, Charalambos Economou, Margherita Giannoni-Mazzi, Jean Hermesse, Tony Hockley, Maria M Hofmarcher, Hans Maarse, Hennamari Mikkola, Monica Oliveira, Marisol Rodríguez, Simone Sandier, Caj Skoglund, Philippe Ulmann, Karsten Vrangbæk