Private medical insurance in the United Kingdom (2006)



By Thomas Foubister, Sarah Thomson, Elias Mossialos and Alistair McGuire
2006, xix + 103 pages
ISBN 92 890 2288 4
CHF 40.00
Developing countries: CHF 40.00
Order no. 13400126 

In comparative studies of health care, the United Kingdom’s health care system continues to be categorized as public (in terms of both financing and provision). Nevertheless, over 11% of the United Kingdom population has private medical insurance, which is an important contributor to the country’s health economy (the market being worth almost £3 billion a year). This study provides an introductory overview of an often-ignored and significantly under-researched area.

The study is structured according to the three key dimensions of the market for private medical insurance: the product, demand and supply. It also includes a short appendix on the market for health cash plans – an alternative form of private cover for medical expenses with relatively broad take-up. The introduction provides a classification of forms of voluntary health insurance and places private medical insurance within the wider United Kingdom health care system.