Responding to food safety challenges: World Health Day 2015 in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


The Ministry of Health of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia announced ambitious plans to enhance health services and educate doctors on strengthening health system capacity, as part of a series of events organized for World Health Day 2015.

The WHO Country Office provided support for a traditional celebration arranged by the Macedonian Doctor's Association. Materials produced for World Health Day were translated into local languages (Macedonian and Albanian) and distributed to public health centres. The National Institute for Public Health held a press conference to emphasize WHO/Europe's food safety recommendations for the general public.

Technical experts meet to discuss food safety challenges

Technical experts from the public and occupational health sector, the Ministry of Health, the Labour Inspectorate, the Association for the Protection of Workers Health and WHO met on 6 April 2015. The main focus of the meeting was on key issues related to food safety in the European Region and at national level, with a specific emphasis on workers' health. The group agreed that integrated action was needed to implement measures to prevent foodborne diseases and to respond to food safety challenges.