Slovenia marks World Health Day with multisectoral collaboration on food safety

National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia

Ms Milojka Kolar Celarc, Minister of Health, and Mr Dejan Židan, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, officially opened the Slovenian national conference on food safety, marking World Health Day.

World Health Day 2015 started early for the Minister of Health, who joined her fellow citizens in physical exercise to promote the new national nutrition and physical exercise programme, which is in the process of being endorsed. The programme is crucial for addressing the epidemic of overweight and obesity, and lifestyle diseases (e.g. diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.), as well as food safety.

Healthy food and food safety are cross-cutting issues, as was clearly demonstrated by the conference, organized by both ministries, the National Institute of Public Health, as well as the WHO Country Office, Slovenia. More than 120 national experts attended the conference, chaired by Marijan Ivanuša, WHO/Europe, and Urška Blaznik, National Institute of Public Health.

The conference covered key food safety topics, such as an overview of foodborne diseases, food safety in emergencies (e.g. floods), enforcement of legislation, and the role of national laboratories, new technologies (e.g. nanotechnology), international organizations, including the European Food Safety Authority, and of nongovernmental organizations.