The Government of Andorra signed its first biennial collaborative agreement for 2006–2007 and since then, has relied on the support and expertise of WHO in implementing public health programmes in the country. The current 2012–2013 biennial collaborative agreement focuses on financial, primary health care, human resources and health information systems aspects of the health system in Andorra.

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Meeting of small countries takes the life-course approach forward in the context of Health 2020

Health promotion and disease prevention throughout the life course was one of the main themes at the meeting of countries of the WHO European Region with a population of less than 1 million held in Andorra on 2–3 July 2015, "Taking forward Health 2020: small countries at the forefront of the whole-of-government approaches to health".

Ministry of health

Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Employment
Edifici Clara Rabassa
Av. Príncep Benlloch, 30, 4t
Andorre-la-Vieille AD500
Tel.: (+376) 87 4 808, (+376) 874 800
Fax: +376 829 347

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Estimated life expectancy at birth (as of 2009)

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HIV/AIDS country profile 2011: Andorra.

HO/Europe produces country profiles on the HIV/AIDS-related situation in each Member State of the WHO European Region. Different sources are used to produce the country profiles, including annual reporting mechanisms to which national stakeholders contribute. The last update of the country profiles took place in May 2013.

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Small countries initiative

WHO established the small countries initiative so that countries in the WHO European Region with a population of less than 1 million people can share their knowledge on implementing Health 2020

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