Public health in Austria is still strongly dominated by the medical profession. Physicians operate either in the clinical setting (in hospitals or private practice), are employed by one of the medical authorities operating at various levels of the health system, or work for health system stakeholders such as social insurance, universities or research institutions. Several work as school or occupational physicians.

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Young people join forces with WHO and Member States for environment and health

Over 70 young people from 33 countries in the WHO European Region gathered in Vienna, Austria, on 27–28 November 2016 to have their say on the future of environment and health policies in Europe. The event was held at the invitation of the Government of Austria, to prepare for the upcoming Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health.

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Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection
Radetzkystraße 2
Vienna A-1030
Tel.: +43 1 71100 644500, +43 1 711 00-4300

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