Bosnia and Herzegovina

The WHO Country Office, Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in October 1992 in Sarajevo to support health authorities and partners in order to improve population health through evidence-based, sustainable public health interventions. The Country Office is the focal point for WHO activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The team consists of 7 members with professionals in the fields of public health and health management.

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Official ministerial visit from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Regional Office

A ministerial delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe on 5–6 October 2016 to discuss future collaboration.

WHO/Europe offices

WHO Country Office, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zmaja od Bosne bb Street
Sarajevo 71000
Tel.: +387 33 293 591
Fax: +387 33 201 815

WHO Country Office, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sub-Office in Banja Luka
Gunduliceva 24
Banja Luka 78000
Tel.: +387 51 257 190

Ministry of health

<p>Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina<br>Trg BiH 1<br>Sarajevo 71000<br>Tel.: +387 33 221 073<br>Fax: +387 33 221 074<br><a href=""></a></p>

Federal Ministry of Health
Titova 9
Sarajevo 71000
Tel.: +387 33 226 635
Fax: +387 33 226 637

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republika Srpska
Trg Republike Srpske 1
Banja Luka 78000
Tel.: +387 51 339 486
Fax: +387 51 339 652

<p>Department for Health and Other Services of Brcko District of BIH Bulevar mira 1<br> Brcko 76100<br> Tel.: +387 49 240 821<br> Fax: +387 49 240 670<br> <a href=""></a><br> </p>

Regional Committee

"Leaving no one behind is our call to action"

Regional Director addresses the 67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in Budapest, Hungary

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