Noncommunicable diseases prevention and control in the South-eastern Europe Health Network. An analysis of intersectoral collaboration (2012)



2012, v + 33 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 0266 0

The greatest burden of disease, at both the global and the European levels, is attributable to noncommunicable diseases. Health-promotion and disease-prevention activities aimed at reducing this burden need to involve non-health sectors and actors. This publication provides an overview of the existing tools for implementing such intersectoral action and highlights the developments in the fields of tobacco and nutrition in south-eastern Europe.

Using the concept of "best buys" – cost-effective action that accelerates results in terms of saving lives, preventing disease and avoiding heavy costs – it contains recommendations on key action to strengthen intersectoral collaboration in the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases in the future, and guidance specifically for the South-eastern Europe Health Network and Slovenia on designing and implementing joint action to this end. The proposals for action are organized in such a way as to create windows of opportunity for promoting health in all policies.