WHO/Europe strengthens ties with collaborating centres in Croatia

Andrija Stampar School of Public Health

The Andrija Stampar School of Public Health and WHO/Europe met in Zagreb on 2 July 2012 to explore possibilities to scale up and strengthen their present collaboration. The meeting was hosted by Professor Jadranka Bozikov, director of the Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, and Professor Mladenka Vrcic-Keglevic, director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Primary Health Care at the School. 

Dr Hans Kluge, director of the Division of Health Systems and Public Health, and Christine Beerepoot, senior advisor on primary health care (PHC), were present on behalf of WHO/Europe. The meeting was also attended by the directors of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Occupational Health and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Capacity Building on Surveillance in HIV/AIDS, both located at the Andrija Stampar School of Public Health. 

Topics of discussion included:

  • making optimal use of the School's 70 years of experience and expertise in educating professionals in primary health care (nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, physiotherapists, PHC physicians, etc.); 
  • research in various areas;
  • evidence-based, cost-effective interventions in primary health care for noncommunicable diseases; 
  • addressing multimorbidity; 
  • coordination of patient pathways;
  • coordination among different levels of health care with other services outside the health sector. 

Professor Luka Kovacic, coordinator of TTB (Tipping the balance towards PHC) and PHC networks, emphasized the importance of supporting networking within the subregion and across Europe, through collaboration with existing networks such as TTB, Forum for Public Health in South Eastern Europe (FPH–SEE) and Healthy Cities. He also elaborated on the benefits of bringing together networking and initiatives in PHC, public health and occupational health. 

The WHO Collaborating Centre for Primary Health Care in Zagreb will continue to collaborate closely with the WHO collaborating centres on primary health care at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research as initiated in November 2011 in Ghent. Planned activities will be implemented through existing frameworks of collaboration and new possibilities for collaboration will continue to be explored.