World Health Day in Croatia draws attention to vector-borne diseases

Zagreb City Office for Health

Many events were organized in Croatia in April 2014 to raise awareness about vector-borne diseases, the theme of this year’s World Health Day. 

Main events included:

  • a press conference announcing World Health Day activities;
  • an episode of the popular health-focused radio programme "Waiting Room"("Cekaonica") dedicated to vector-borne diseases;
  • march of the Scout Group "Savski gaj" through the city centre to distribute leaflets with the slogan "A small mosquito bite can become a big problem";
  • an expert meeting entitled "Zagreb Healthy City" and a Health Champions award ceremony;
  • lectures and celebration of the 65th anniversary of the  Institute of Public Health "Dr Andrija Štampar".

Additional activities took place in all major cities across Croatia, organized by the respective institutes of public health (21 institutes). Dr Antoinette Kaić-Rak, Head of the WHO Country Office in Croatia, participated in the main events organized in the capital city of Zagreb, including a meeting with young Scouts and the press conference.