National multisectoral workshop for Croatia on IHR implementation in a food safety context


On 28–29 April 2016, a national multisectoral workshop entitled "One Health in the framework of International Health Regulations" (IHR) was conducted in Dubrovnik, Croatia, with the support of WHO/Europe and the WHO Country Office in Croatia.

The objective of the workshop was to build national capacity in Croatia on application of the IHR within a food safety context The workshop focused on intersectoral cooperation and information sharing, in particular the interface between human and animal health and the food safety sector. It brought together about 20 participants from national public health, veterinary and food safety sectors. Speakers were international experts from WHO/Europe and the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Topics integrated approaches to a modern, holistic and risk-based food safety system, including surveillance and monitoring of foodborne and zoonotic diseases and the One Health approach. National experts shared Croatia's experience on implementation of the IHR and their national surveillance/monitoring systems for foodborne disease and zoonotic hazards in the food chain. Case scenario exercises and tutorials provided practical training to respond to future international health events in this area.

As part of the workshop, participants collaborated to strengthen existing bridges, identify current gaps, and develop a strategic plan of actions and priorities to be brought to the attention of Croatian authorities.


Today's highly mobile, interdependent and interconnected world provides myriad opportunities for the rapid spread of disease, including epidemic-prone and food-borne diseases, environmental disasters, and toxic-chemical and radio-nuclear accidents. It is critical that all countries have the capacity to detect, assess, and respond to public health events.

The IHR provide an international framework for timely and effective detection, assessment, reporting and response to a variety of potential public health threats, including those related to food safety and zoonotic health.