Croatia: health and employment (2019)



2019, vi + 28 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5403 4
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Being in good health and improving health benefit individuals, employers, wider society and the national economy. A significant problem in Croatia is the large number of people not working because of health-related problems. Work-related physical and mental disorders represent an increasing burden to the health-care system and employers with mental disorders as the main cause of disability. In Croatia long working hours, a perceived higher level of job insecurity and poor work–life balance contribute to high stress levels. Integrated comprehensive policies targeting the structural characteristics of organizations are more effective and cost-effective in addressing work-related health issues. Key stakeholders are: national, regional and local government policy-makers; ministries; employers; unions; and nongovernmental organizations. The most effective interventions aim to improve work quality, employee health and occupational health support; promote active labour market programmes and sustainable and equitable economic growth; and integrate lifelong learning into work and health policies.