WHO Country Office

The WHO Country Office, Croatia was established in Zagreb in November 1992 to respond to requests from the host country to support policy-making on sustainable health development, taking a holistic health-system approach. This includes providing guidance, building up local relationships to implement technical cooperation, standards and agreements, and, during crises, ensuring that public health measures are coordinated and in place.

The Office is the focal point for WHO activities in Croatia. The country team consists of two staff members and its main responsibilities are:

  • to assess the country’s health needs and priorities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare;
  • to help identify priority areas for WHO collaboration and implement WHO policy in the country;
  • to monitor implementation of the biennial collaborative agreements between WHO/Europe and Croatia;
  • to coordinate WHO input to the national health authorities; and to liaise with WHO collaborating centres and projects, and with other United Nations and international agencies..

The priorities for the Country Office are set out in the biennial collaborative agreement between WHO/Europe and the host country. The Office implements the agreement in close collaboration with national institutions and international partner agencies.