Areas of work

Priorities for joint work are set out in the biennial collaborative agreement (BCA) between WHO/Europe and Georgia for 2016–2017.

The current BCA between WHO/Europe and the Government of Georgia for 2016–2017 focuses on the following areas:

  • national health policies, strategies and plans (tools and consultations in relation to the processes of developing/implementing comprehensive national policies in accordance with Health 2020; health financing: assistance in monitoring the universal health coverage programme; environmental health: development and implementation of the National Environmental Health Action Plan);
  • health systems, information and evidence (strengthening of the national health information systems; technical assistance for improvement of the quality of cause of death data);
  • development and implementation of national multisectoral policies and plans to prevent and control noncommunicable diseases (NCDs); implementation of strategies to reduce modifiable risk factors for NCDs, including tobacco control;
  • promoting health through the life-course (improvement of the quality of paediatric care at primary health care and hospital care levels);
  • communicable diseases (vaccine-preventable diseases, measles/rubella, polio, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis);
  • preparedness, surveillance and response (support to maintain International Health Regulations capacity; strengthening surveillance systems for antimicrobial resistance).