Evaluation report: proof-of-principle routine diagnostic project for antimicrobial resistance surveillance (2017)



This PoP study has been beneficial for Georgia as laboratory capacity was strengthened for blood culture processing, species ID and AST at the local laboratories as well as at the national AMR reference laboratory. The laboratories are now capable of processing samples according to standard protocols and providing microbiological diagnostic information to guide appropriate treatment decisions. In addition, clinicians de-escalated empiric treatment for BSIs more often based on the blood culturing results according to international guidelines. Hospital epidemiologists also started IPC measures (e.g. waste management). All these can improve patient safety and quality of care in line with current international standards.

The PoP study provided baseline AMR data for the main pathogens causing BSIs in the country and formed a basis for a national AMR surveillance network and participation in CAESAR. The project gave a first systematic insight into the pathogens causing BSIs and their antibiotic susceptibility in Georgia.