Georgia health system performance assessment 2009



On November 17, 2009, Georgia marked an important milestone in the development of its health care system: the publication of its first Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA). The HSPA was developed to help the government set strategic priorities for the health system.

Georgia’s health system faces many challenges including the significant underuse of health care services, with only around 40% of beds occupied at any one time. The government is introducing strategies to address this, including the ‘100 new hospitals’ policy—which aims to streamline the country’s hospital system. ‘Catastrophic’ private spending on health care is also a major concern. In 2009, only one in three people were covered by any form of health insurance.

Attending the publication launch, Georgia’s Minister of Health, Mr Aleksandre Kvitashvili said the information provided in the HSPA is vital for the development and proper functioning of Georgia’s health care system. The HSPA is a “comprehensive document needed to improve the health of the population of Georgia,” he said. Mr Kvitashvili added that the government plans to implement its recommendations as soon as possible.

This work is part of Georgia’s commitment to the Tallinn Charter on Health Systems, adopted by countries at the 2008 WHO Ministerial Conference.