WHO Country Office

Georgia became a WHO Member State on 16 May 1992, and a liaison office was opened in Tbilisi the following year. In 2005 the liaison office became the WHO Country Office, Georgia. The Country Office plays a crucial role in administration, consolidation, management and enhancement of WHO collaboration in the country. It also acts as an interface between the Government and WHO, assists in informing the Government regarding WHO policies, and elaborates strategies and activities while providing advice on health care sector development and intersectoral health issues.

The Country Office implements its activities in close collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, United Nations agencies, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Cooperation between WHO and Georgia is defined by biennial collaborative agreements (BCAs).

The country team consists of six people, including three experts on:

  • health policy and health systems;
  • communicable diseases, particularly vaccine-preventable diseases, immunization and facilitation of the International Health Regulations;
  • NCDs.