WHO, Greece sign agreement on support programme for health reform

WHO/Europe has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health of Greece to implement the health reform support programme for 2013–2015 in the framework of the Ministry’s health in action initiative.

The project’s goal is to ensure better health and well-being for the people of Greece through comprehensive health-system reform. The outcome will be a sustainable and equitable health system, ensuring access to high-quality care and financial protection, with primary health care as the cornerstone of care and prevention.

Greece is developing a national health strategy, which will provide overarching guidance for the reform. The strategy will outline the vision for the Greek health system in the future, based on the values of solidarity, equity and participation, in line with the new European policy for health and well-being, Health 2020. In addition, a policy document will outline plans for short- and mid-term reforms based on the pillars of the Ministry’s health in action framework.

The Greek Ministry of Health is supported in its health-system reform by WHO, the European Commission Task Force for Greece and the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany.