Greece launches new primary health care law

Greece has launched a primary health care law, based on the core values of the Declaration of Alma-Ata, to ensure better health of the Greek people.‬‪ The new law, which was recently passed by the Greek parliament, is part of the health system reform Greece is undertaking to build a comprehensive and strong nation-wide primary health care service.

The health system reform is being coordinated by the health regions and aims at continuity of care, quality, effectiveness, social justice and efficiency.‬‪ WHO and international partners assisted the Greek Ministry of Health in developing an action plan for the reform process.

In July 2013, WHO/Europe and the Ministry of Health of Greece signed a contribution agreement whereby a WHO team based at the ministry in Athens is supporting the process for structural reform, especially in primary health care and public health, as well as horizontal action across the different pillars of reform.